Monday, October 17, 2005

October 17, 2005
Hell & A First Impression
Bah. Today was literally hell. I had an Arabic test today, and I forgot everything I studied. I forgot to do my Algebra homework, and that made a bad first impression on my new Algebra teacher. Oh well. What the heck. These days I feel like eating so much, and I feel like having mostly sweet stuff. I'm afraid of gaining weight..
I wrote a few pages of my new story that will be published by next May hopefully.. Before Highschool. 8th grade is tough, but not THAT tough. I can handle it. I like it, actually. The past few days I've been acting really paranoid.. Like something is gone get me when I'm not looking. It really freaks me out.. And I just don't know how to react. I've got three projects for this week, all of which I have no clue whatsoever about. Oh well.. Wish me luck. This is my first entry, and well, I have to admit.. A crappy one. I'll try harder next time. Goodnight.


Blogger Noor said...

Ok.. this is myself commenting on this post. Its crap.. I can do much better. Im going to maybe make like this online fiction story of like.. this girl talking to her diary.. or something like that. Im new to the stuff.. so whatever.

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